Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder – Cheap Price

How do you shred your personal documents like credit cards, CD’s torn off papers, cut credit cards and CD’s? If you own a shredder like the Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder, it will shred all of your confidential information very efficiently.

When you were shredding your paper documents, were you ever concerned about staples still attached to the papers? This shredder will cut everything for you and you don’t have to take off staples any more, even if up to 12 sheets are attached, all of them can be shredded at one time without any trouble. If jam happens, the reverse feature will assist you to clear any jams stuck inside. And all shredded pieces can be disposed of from the bottom waste basket.

This model of shredder offers a CD cut slot. Lift the safety cover and feed a CD or DVD into the slot one at a time, the blades on the CD destroyer cut the disc into four pieces.

Amazon offers frustration-free packaging and it is very environmental friendly. When you open the box, you are not required to use any knife or cutter, the packaging still protects your product as the traditional packaging does. If you want to move the shredder from one place to the other, you can still use the amazon package, the box can be re used several times without any frustration. The box’s design takes recycled resources into consideration and reduces the waste and pollution to the environment.

What do users think about the product?

There are many brands of shredders on the market? Why are there so many customers only keen on this model? What did they comment about on the product?

  • Excellent value and great shredder!
  • Hard-core Motor – Big Bang for the Buck!
  • Sturdy Shredder
  • Excellent, well designed compact shredder
  • Works as advertised and keeps on trucking
  • This Amazon Shredder is great!
  • Hungry & eats cardboard
  • Works better than expected

Are there any suggestions on the product development?

It is hard to find any disadvantage of this product. All users think this shredder can cut everything for them especially, the CD cut design, is a really handy addition because most people don’t like to leave any documents uncut and not being disposed of. Some users feel that when the shredder cuts CD’s or credit cards, it makes a bit of a loud noise. Apart from that, this amazon product can be perfect comparing it with other shredder brands.

Where can you buy the Amazon shredder?

Do you still go to a mall to buy your home office products? Why not consider purchasing it online? Nowadays, shopping online can be the most popular like using amazon, because once you place an order on amazon, the goods will be delivered to your door in a couple of days for free. You can save a huge amount of your time and petrol walking around from one shop to another.


Where can you gain some pre-purchase ideas on the Amazon shredder?

Amazon is always the best place to gain some pre-purchase ideas on how the product works and any hidden defects. And it is always a good way, as a potential buyer, to learn the product and be knowledgeable about the products selling points. In the meantime, you can always find reliable and candid comments written by the users and see the actual shipping quantities from the site.  Especially for this Amazon shredder, its specially designed packaging is really environmentally friendly. Once you go on Amazon, check the product features and the packaging design, it is an extra bonus to the product.

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